Welcome! I'm so glad that you're here!

My name's Olivia, and I'm a proud Sober Misfit. I'm also a Wife, Dog Mom, Registered Nurse, and Counsellor-to be.

The first time that I drank, I blacked out. I thought this was normal and that it happened to everyone. I was an all-or-nothing drinker, there was no middle ground. In my 20s, drinking really began to take hold of me. Whereas I used to have the rare binge every few weeks or months, I soon began drinking multiples times a week... then eventually, everyday. I lost relationships, jobs, and most importantly, I lost myself. I knew that I needed help to stop. I tried treatment, AA meetings, and worked religiously through the 12 steps, yet nothing seemed to click with me. At a time where I was getting close to giving up, I discovered the I Am Sober app, and everything changed. I met other people like me. I found community and connection. I realized that there wasn't a 'one shoe fits all' process to recovery. I became a Sober Misfit.

Whereas I used to wear my 'Addict' badge with guilt, I've now become proud of my struggle. I've faced addiction, eating disorders, depression and anxiety and am coming out the other side truly stronger than ever. To do that, I've finally started to look at recovery as a holistic process of bettering oneself, in all areas of life. 

Recovering addicts have become my favorite type of people. I've learned them to be authentic, genuine, compassionate souls that live their lives with integrity and honesty above all else. I am grateful to be here, and to be sober with you all today.

This website is dedicated to all the other Sober Misfits out there. To anyone that feels themselves to be an outsider in a world of drinking culture, lost in recovery, or simply just curious about a different life. I see you, I'm with you, and I'm proud of you.


From one Sober Misfit to another