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PTNN Little-Melissa From A Little Agency Sets 1-5




If you have issues downloading this material to your hard drive, you can try to remove a third-party ad blocker, such as Privoxy (easy to find on our home page or from the advice of your download manager), before attempting to view it. Try a direct download at 720p, the most ideal size for HD.Q: Sqlite query in Laravel not working I am using this Laravel code but it does not return a result, and I am not sure why. $c = DB::table('questions')->where('cid', $cid)->where('id', $id)->get(); $d = DB::table('users')->where('id', $id)->get(); return $c + $d; A: @MichaelM's answer is right, but I'd add that in addition to SQLite, Laravel uses PDO to perform database queries. As such, you could simplify this to: But as @OllieStait said in the comments, there's no need to use joins. It doesn't make much sense to combine queries in this way anyway. You can also use the whereIn() method to combine queries: $d = DB::table('users')->whereIn('id', $id)->get(); $c = DB::table('questions')->where('cid', $cid)->whereIn('id', $id)->get(); Try to use it like this $c = DB::table('questions')->where('cid', $cid)->where('id', $id)->first(); $d = DB::table('users')->where('id', $id)->first(); Q: How to convert an XML file into a String? I have an XML file. I want to convert it into a String format. Please find the below XML format I am using:




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PTNN Little-Melissa From A Little Agency Sets 1-5

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